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The Ultimate Online Dating Profile In 4 Simple Steps

January 23, 2018 / Top 10 Staff

In the world of online dating, a profile serves as a first impression. The profile is where photos are displayed in all of their glory, glimpses of personality peek through a few typed sentences and eligible singles can get noticed by the almost 50,000,000 people who have tried online dating in the USA.

For seasoned online daters and newbies alike, when it comes to creating a profile, there’s always room for improvement. Follow our four simple guidelines to achieve the best possible results on any of the best dating sites.

1. Pick the Right Photo

A photo is the first thing that most users will see, so don’t leave it out. Experts believe that singles are nine times more likely to get noticed with a photo than without. Some sites even require one.

With the help of Carmelia Ray, an online dating expert with years of experience, we present our do’s and don’ts for choosing a profile photo.

Do smile. The era of the pout, duck face, and smoldering sexy face is over. Smiling increases the odds of getting noticed by 45%. An angry face turns off 12% of potential suitors.

Don’t pose with friends. Definitely don’t appear with friends in the main photo. Users get frustrated if they have to decipher which person they should be looking at. And hey, what if they prefer your bestie?

Do keep it natural. Choosing a natural picture is double as likely to garner interest as the seventeenth selfie taken in front of the mirror this morning. Hand on waist and face tilted upwards may be too much. Natural is sexy.

Don’t hide. 23% of people reported not getting in touch with someone because their photo wasn’t clear. Without a clear photo, at best singles look lazy or insecure, while at worst they seem like there’s something to hide. Stay close to the camera, lose the hat and sunglasses, and don’t face sideways.

Do place the best photo second. Wait, what? That’s right, research shows that when the best snapshot is put as the main image, singles will lose interest once they click further. That confidence boosting, money shot should be placed as #2.

Pro Tip: The more photos the better. While it may seem easier to keep pictures at a minimum, a larger variety will actually encourage potential matches to look more closely. Different lighting, outfits, and facial expressions show different sides of you and raise the chances of meeting someone great.

2. Craft a Clever Intro

Most profiles leave space to include a header or short greeting. Avoid clichés or generic lines such as, “Can’t believe I’m on a dating site” or “Ask me anything.” Use this opportunity to showcase some personality.

For those who know how to make people smile, try something funny. Not you? Share a quote from someone you respect and admire. It can also simply be something that really resonates with you. Other options include an interesting fact or ice-breaker to get the conversation started. This could be either personal or totally random. Here are a few of our favorite profile headings and taglines from around the online dating world.

I’m not perfect, but my dog thinks I’m awesome. This isn’t just funny. It also shows that this guy is a dog person, which could attract a similar animal lover. If Edison had been afraid of the consequences, we’d be sitting in the dark right now. This is someone we’d want to meet. The line shows that they are looking to take risks and put themselves out there. It began when the Russian police invaded our hotel. Who doesn’t want to hear the end of this story? Magic 8 Ball says…? Definitely. Cute, confident and a bit quirky - we love it. Let’s throw a dart at a map

This profile writer loves adventure and wants someone to share travel and excitement with.

It is important to decide the ultimate tone and goal of the profile header before writing it. Remember, these words will serve as a first impression.

Pro Tip: Don’t mention anything negative in the headline.