I had 21 dates last month and met 1029 total singles with this trick.

Tutorial: How I Went on Over 1000 Dates



Hey guys, my name is Brian. Yes, it's true, I've been on over 1000 dates using a method that took a lot of testing to develop. I am a computer scientist and have split tested (also known as A/B testing) everyaspect of dating profiles. Myexperiments resulted in a dating profile that will get 125% more messages and replies from women than one that a "regular" person makes. Most of this increase comes from your profile picture. It doesn't matter what you look like if you use mymethod. You can be ugly, fat, bald, have poor fashion, etc... you're still going to get replies from women. The best part is, even women will start messaging you first.

I've decided to create this website and show you how to do it. You may be asking why I would do this? A few reasons. First, I know how hard it is to get a date on these sites that are packed with tons of men and even less women, which is why l went to the trouble to figure all of this out in the first place. Second, I've been with too many women to count and have had my fun. It's time for me to do a good deed and share my secret to the lucky people that found this site.

Below you will find the steps to create your profile. It's going to take maybe 15 more minutes of your time than you would normally spend, but believe me, it will be worth it. I have also listed at the bottom all of the dating sites that actually work. I recommend signing up to all of them. Remember, dating is a numbers game, the more profiles you have out there, the more dates you will be going on.

Step 1: Signup to a Dating Site

Scroll to the bottom of this page and see my list of proven sites that work. I only list sites here that have gotten me dates. If I don't get dates on a site, I normally assume they are all fake women on them. So basically I have vetted each of these. You should bookmark this page now so you can come back to see the list. Again, I recommend signing up to all of them (you don't have to do it all at once today, but you should do a few at least). The more sites you are on, the more women you will get, it's simple math. So choose a site below, but don't signup yet. First read my other steps below, then start signing up to sites afterwords.

Step 2: Creating Your Profile Picture

This is the most important step by far and the biggest secret. To start, find the best looking picture of yourself, and yourself only (no friends in the picture). Having a pet in the picture helps too, like your dog or cat. Now to the secret. You need to write on your profile picture something along the lines of "Match of the Day" or "Hot Match of the Day". Its even better if you can include the dating site's name as well, "Fling Match of the Day" for example. Simply having this text on your profile picture not only makes you stand out amongst the sea of other men... it gives you credibility and trust. Women absolutely love it, it's unbelieveable. How do you add this text to your profile? It's very easy if you have Photoshop or Paint on your computer. Almost all Microsoft users have paint,just click the start button, and type "Paint". If you don't have either of these, here's a website where you can do it in about 1 minute as well. Go to Ezgif.com, click "Choose File" and upload your profile picture. Now enter your text, you can also change the font, color, size, etc. I recommend doing this and matching the dating site's colors that you are on, but it's not mandatory. Your picture should look something like mine below:


Step 3: Your Profile Text

With your new profile picture, your profile is going to be getting a lot more traffic. Now you will need to market yourself in order to convert this traffic into actual dates. This is going to be different for everyone, but I recommend keeping your profile text short and to the point. In a few sentences, tell a little about yourself without sounding creepy. Say what you do for work and what you are passionate about. Try and make one funny/witty line as well. I've also found that linking to one of your social media accounts increases dates, it lets women verify that you are real, have actual friends, have a life, etc. If you're comfortable with doing this, put a link to your facebook, instagram, linkedin, snapchat, or whatever social media platform you use. Here's a sample profile that I have used that worked very well:

Step 4: Start Searching For Women You Like

Now that you are armed with an enhanced profile picture and text, you are ready to start making connections. Your new profile is like going in to a fight with a machine gun, whereas normal guys have a butter knife. Every woman is going to take notice to you.

Less than 8% of women will initialize a conversation with you, which is still pretty good with your new profile (normal profiles will get mostly zero women messaging them). So for this part, again, you need to play the numbers game and start messaging any woman that interests you. Say whatever you want to them to initialize a conversation, without being creepy or weird. Something like "Hey, I think you're pretty. Would you like to chat?". If you put a pet in your profile picture, say something like "My dog won't stop looking at your picture, I think it's a sign. You're obviously very pretty." You are going to start seeing a massive amount of responses. From here, its up to you to chat and set up dates.

That's it!

Follow these steps and you are going to be amazed at the amount of women you get. Below is the list of free dating & personals sites that I have used and verified. Every single site has gotten me multiple dates. Again, I recommend joining as many as you have time for, it's going to vastly increase the amount of singles you meet. Enjoy. If you have any questions, I try to help everyone, but it may take some time for me to reply. Just email me at the link on the bottom of the site.

List of Free Dating Sites That Actually Work

Some sites will ask you to upgrade your account eventually. Do you have to? No, you can get dates without doing it. Does it help? Yes, it increases the amount of women you get significantly.


I recommend you join as many sites as you can to increase your chances.
You should bookmark this page in order to find your way back from one site to join another!


chat 122,680

This is a huge site with a ton of members, but for hookups. My method works great here.


chat 93,423

All of the women here are looking to meet up right away. Make sure you're available tonight.

Steamy Locals

chat 123,423

This site is big and has lots of good looking women. I highly recommend it.


chat 43,374

A smaller site, but I've had a lot of luck here. Definitely worth signing up to.

Want Matures

chat 131,365

One of my favorite sites. Lots of women from Europe traveling from abroad are on here.

Well Hello

chat 97,444

This site is great and has lots of members, but more about having an affair than dating.

Ashley Madison

chat 112,665

Huge site packed with women who want an affair. Very easy to find a date on here.

Cindy Matches

chat 77,536

Just as the name says. Women here are looking for fast dates so make sure you're ready.

Be Naughty

chat 102,441

Lots of girls on this site, who are mostly looking for hookups. Not really the site for dating.

iHeart Breaker

chat 22,541

You definitely need to be romantic here, that's what women here want. Step up your game.

Meet Locals

chat 79,058

A really good site for finding a date that you have strong connection with.


chat 103,047

Lots of gorgeous women on this site. If you're looking for a relationship, it's not the best.

BBW Desire

chat 81,233

If you're into BBWs, this site is easy to find a date. Many of these women are "desperate".

Flirt Buddies

chat 61,569

Easily find a female to flirt with. A lot of girls contact me direct here, which is great.


chat 244,133

Eharmony is one of the biggest online dating sites. It's THE place to find true love.


chat 217,993

My method works very well on this site and there's a ton of members. You will have success here.


chat 251,055

The largest dating site. Tons of women but lots of competition, so my method helps tremendously.

Asia Live Show

chat 169,788

If you're into Asian girls, there's too many on this site to count. Very easy to get a date.

Lusty Locals

chat 39,787

Love Swans has an older demographic, mostly 40+, but a lot of good looking members.